8 of the Best Blogs About Sustainable Travel

There are some amazing bloggers writing about sustainable travel right now.

And while it seems that travel bloggers are a dime a dozen these days (ahem, here's my travel blog, because I just know you are dying to read it!) in the realm of sustainable and eco-travel, there are fewer. When I began my research on this new venture these are a few of the blogs that really stood out. I’m just scratching the surface of this world, and these writers are helping me along the way!

sustainable travel blogs

Ethical Traveler

More than a blog, Jeff Greenwald’s non-profit site also arranges ethical tours, reports on trends in the tourism industry, and recently launched a podcast. Check out his post, Thirteen Tips for the Accidental Ambassador and listen to the new podcast here.

The Culture-ist

Maria and Anthony have taken The Culture-ist beyond the traditional blog format, calling their site an online magazine and creative agency. They are committed to telling stories on conscious travel, social good, and holistic wellness. They have cultivated some great partnerships, like with Emerson college, and have launched their own non-profit Humanity Unified. Check out their post on Organizations That Help to Save Wild Cats from Vanishing.

Eco Traveler

Since 2011, Linda has been writing about conservation, eco-tours, and historic landmarks. I really love this interview she did with the founder of Eco Companion. Read about this eco search engine and its founder.

My Favorite Escapes

Eloise has a passion for travel and has written some beautiful posts about responsible travel including animal rights and the impact of cruises. While not solely focused on sustainable travel, she has some great posts about responsible travel.
A collection of great posts on responsible travel can be found here

Travel For Difference

Kate at Travel for Difference makes a point to highlight sustainable travel on her blog. I particularly like her eco-friendly product roundup found here which includes an eco-friendly brand of toilet paper!

Green Global Travel

Bret and Mary are a traveling couple who run a blog all about exploring nature and wildlife. They also have several location-specific posts, like this one on Asia's wildlife conservation programs.


While not solely dedicated to sustainability, Odette has a passion for responsible travel. She has some great tips on how to be a sustainable traveler on her blog here.

Speck on the Globe

I’m a new follower of Abbie. I appreciate her take on international destinations in addition to guides sustainable tips on cities in the US. It’s so important to remember what you can do in your own backyard as well.  Check out her Best Destinations for Responsible Wildlife Vacations.  

Do you have any favorite sustainable travel blogs? Please share them below!

best sustainable travel blogs


  • Ooh this is great! I didn’t know them all so it’s great to know them now! Very inspiring.

    Roxanne Weijer
  • I’m so excited to see this list!!! I’ll make sure to check out all these blogs. Thank you for putting it together :)

  • I can’t wait to check all of these blogs! Thanks for sharing ;)

    Vanda - The Yogi Wanderer
  • Great list and wonderful blogs! They’re all inspiring. I look forward to more of your sustainable travel resources!

  • Great list! It is about time when sustainable travel should not be optional but a must. With increasing number of tourists, balancing the needs of locals and tourists is crucial. Thanks for putting this list together.

    A speck in time

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