Ethical Traveler Announces the World's 10 Best Ethical Destinations in 2018

Ethical Traveler takes special care in curating this list of ethical travel destinations every year. Reviewing the policies and practices of hundreds of countries in the developing world, Ethical Traveler takes a close look at how countries are carrying out environmental protection, human rights, and social and animal welfare. 
If you are looking for a destination that is also a sustainable adventure, try exploring one of these countries in 2018!

Ethical Traveler's World's Best Ethical Destinations of 2018

Costa Rica*
St. Kitts & Nevis
(* = also appeared on their 2017 list)
Have you been to any of these countries before? 
My husband and I visited Mongolia this year and I was a bit surprised that it made the list. If only because the majority of our experiencemongolia countryside was in Ulaanbaatar, which is Mongolia's major city. During our visit, we saw dirty streets and a lot of pollution. We hear that the air pollution is even worse in the winter as they still use coal for heating. It’s so good to know that as a country they are making strides to reduce their carbon footprint and create a healthier environment. 
One of the big factors that helped Mongolia secure their spot on this years list, (and the only Asian country to do so) was their work with gender equality. They have made some great strides with their gender-sensitive policies and have also started programs that help prevent gender biases in schools. They also abolished the death penalty this year, so more kudos for the human rights category! 
Now I want to go back! 
What country do you want to visit on this list? 
See the full announcement from Ethical Traveler here.
And hear more about their ethical destination list on their Ethical Traveler Podcast. 
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  • I’m not surprised that Costa Rica keeps making the list. From everything I read it is one of the world leaders in responsible and ethical tourism. Can’t wait to get there later this year!

  • Yes! I definitely noticed the commitment to ethical travel when I was in Belize! They’re so careful to take care of their historical sites and reefs and keep their businesses local. They’re not looking to become a mass travel destination- they want to make sure their tourism works for them. I loved it there!


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